I m a Florida Bar Board Certified Expert in Immigration Law. I have been practicing immigration law since 1993 and am a member of the Florida Bar and several Federal Court Bars.  Actually, my goal when I was in law school when I graduated in 1989 was to be an immigration lawyer in Miami. 

I got a bit sidetracked by taking a job with the New York City Department of Investigation where I worked from 1989 to 1993.  In that job, I investigated fraud and corruption within the New York City government, which was interesting, but I still had this desire to do immigration law.

My interest in immigration started even before I was in law school.  Back when I was in high school, I used to be friends with the foreign exchange students, some of whom had immigration issues.  This interest lasted through college when I spent time in South America and got asked a lot of questions by people there about how to legally move to the U.S. When I realized that I couldn’t answer their questions, I decided to learn something about it in law school

Since practicing immigration law, I have become certified as an expert by the Florida Bar Board of Certifications. This involved obtaining recommendations by other attorneys including other Board Certified lawyers and undergoing an examination. I have also been a member of AILA (the American Immigration Lawyers Association) and was on the pro-bono committee of the South Florida Chapter.  I have also been a panelist for, where I conducted weekly question and answer sessions online.

I’ve had experience with a wide variety of issues in immigration, from the simplest of naturalization cases to complex federal litigation in the Federal District Courts and Federal Courts of Appeal.   If I had to say I specialize in any area of immigration, I would have to say it is in four areas; business, artist visas, federal litigation and fraud waivers.  However, I practice in all areas of immigration law.

One good thing about being a small firm is that I am able to give individual attention to all of my clients.  I know what is going on in all of the cases and don’t pass them off to paralegals, although my paralegal has been with me for 10 years and also knows the details of all our cases.  When a client calls or emails me, my policy is to return the call or email within 24 hours.  Even if I’m on vacation, I attempt to contact clients within a short period and am never completely out of touch.  I think clients appreciate that when they call the office, they get to speak to the lawyer, rather than a secretary or paralegal who may not be able to properly answer their questions.

Another plus is that I am bilingual in Spanish and English.  There are lots of lawyers who have bilingual staff, but I am able to personally talk to my clients without the need of an interpreter.  

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